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Name: William Shirk Poorman
Birth Date: May 3, 1945
Married- Wife's Name, Liz
One Child- Maxine
Health: Excellent

Since 1976 William Shirk has raised thousands of dollars for underprivlaged and handicapped children and adults throughout Central Indiana.

Shirk is an active member of Zionsville United Methodist Church. Much of the profits generated by his world class stunts and other public events have gone to charitable causes in Indianapolis. Shirk also has an extensive background in business that dates back to his pre-teen days and a broadcasting career that started in his college days at Ball State University.

College: 1967 - Graduate of Ball State University
(Bachelor of Science degree in Education)
Technical: 1967 - Graduate of Elkins Institute, Chicago, Illinois.
(A division of Ball State University)
High School: 1963 - Graduate of Burris Laboratory School
(A division of Ball State University)

1998-Present Director/Pres. Hoosier Broadcasting Corp.,WIRE 91.1FM, Lebanon, IN
2000-2001 Major Stockholder & GM of Indianapolis Div of Radio One
1999-2000 Owner/GM WDW TV65, Indianapolis
1997-2000 Owner/GM/Jock WYJZ 100.9FM, Lebanon, IN
1995-2000 Owner/GM/Jock WBKS 106.7FM, Greenwood, IN
1994-1995 Consultant WBKS 106.7FM Greenwood, IN
1994-2000 Owner/GM/Personality WAV TV-53, Indpls., IN
1991-2000 Owner/GM/Jock WHHH 96.3FM Radio, Indpls., IN
1989-1996 Owner/GM Bill Shirk School Of Broadcasting
1974-1995 Owner/GM WXLW 950AM Radio Indpls., IN
1972-1974 General Manager/Disc Jockey WXLW Radio, Indpls., IN
1972-1981 Consultant WERK Radio, Muncie, IN
1970-1988 Voice of International Hot Rod Association
1968-1972 Station Manager, Sales Manager, Program Director, Production Manager and Afternoon Disc Jockey on WERK Radio, Muncie, IN (Family owned 1965-1981)
1967 Science, Math and Art Teacher for Selma Middle-School, Selma, IN (first middle-school concept in Indiana)
1966-1967 Weekend Disc Jockey for WERK Radio, Muncie, IN
1965 Janitor for WERK Radio, Muncie, IN
1964 Junior Account Executive for R.J. Poorman and Associated Advertising Agency. (weekend and summer employment)
1961 Mercury Motorboat Repairman for Paytona Bay Boat Co. Lake Tippecanoe, IN (summer employment)

2002 Houdini Museum, Travel Channel
2001 "Modern Day Houdini", 1 Hour Special (World Wide Distribution)
2001 91.1FM Upgrade from 300 watts to 3,000 Watts
2000 "Shirk Profile" TBS, Ripley's Believe It Or Not
2000 Sold Shirk, Inc. / IBL,LLC for $40 Million
2000 "Narrow Escapes" Discovery Channel
1999 "World's Most Amazing Videos" NBC escape segment
1999 "Without Warning" Feature on The Learning Channel, Cable
1999 "Extra", NBC syndication feature story on escape artists
1999 IBL,LLC Received license from FCC for W65DW, Indianapolis
1998 HBC Received liscense from FCC for 91.1FM, Lebanon
1998 FOX Network "When Good Times Go Bad"
1998 Hoosier Broadcasting Corp. (Director)
1998 Montel Williams Show
1997 IBL,LLC Purchased 100.9FM Lebanon
1997 3 Appearances on "Real TV"
1997 FOX Network "When Stunts Go Bad"
1996 "Shirk-Houdini Halloween Special", (World Wide TV Distribution)
1995 IBL,LLC (LMA) Purchased 106.7FM Greenwood
1994 IBL,LLC Received license from FCC for W53AV, Indpls.
1993 96 Hour Burial with snake and a spider - Raised $5000. for Boy Scouts.
1992 7-Ton Dirt Cement Burial (broadcast on "A Current Affair")
1991 Shirk, Inc Received license from FCC for 96.3 FM Indpls.
1989 Founded The Bill Shirk School Of Broadcasting. Accredited by The Indiana Commission On Proprietary Education
1988 Shirk, Inc. Received night time broadcasting authorization 117 watts from FCC for 950AM
1985 Reversed FCC's decision to delete FM 96.3 from the 80-90 docket, Indpls Market
1983 "THE ESCAPIST" distributed and sold to many different countries, including the United States and Canada. (was one of only four independents sold into the Japanese market)
1982 Produced, wrote and starred in "THE ESCAPIST" (first motion picture ever entirely produced in the state of Indiana)
1981 Japanese Television Special that was produced in San Francisco titled: "Bill Shirk - Number One Escape Artist In The World
1980 Featured act on NBC Television "Games People Play" (handcuffed and chained while hanging from a burning rope over a pool of thirty sharks)
1979 Featured act on ABC Television "Guinness Book of World Records Show" (world record time and height for escaping from a strait jacket while hanging beneath a helicopter 1,800 feet in the air)
1978 Featured article in Saturday Evening Post "BILL SHIRK: Loaded for Dare"
1977 "Buried Alive" for 79 hours with a ten foot python, two tarantulas and a rattle snake. World wide coverage and a donation from President Jimmy Carter. Raised $10,000.00 for Marion County Association for Retarded Citizens.
1976-1980 Set eight world records in Escapology from fastest time escaping from a strait jacket (record 4.53 seconds) to world record jail break.
1974 Shirk, Inc. purchased 950AM, Indianapolis
1965 Family received license for 990AM, Muncie, IN
1963 Set H.S. scoring record for single game in Basketball (record stood until 1985)

1999 Indianapolis Public Schools Certificate of Appreciation to 96.3FM for outstanding support to the IPS Safe Haven/BAD club program
1998-1999 Chairperson March of Dimes - Folic Acid Campaign
1998 Casper Award (Community Appreciation For Service In Public Enlightenment And Relations) The Community Service Council of Central Indiana, Inc. WHHH-WBKS-WYJZ for Bone Marrow Registry Campaign
1996 Casper Award WHHH-WBKS-WAV-TV for Get Out The Vote Campaign
1993 Saint Florian Center Award for 96.3FM Summer Youth Program
1989 Crossroads Business Award for work for the handicapped
1983 Variety Club of Indianapolis Human Achievement Award for contributions in aiding handicapped and under privileged children
1977 Casper Award - Raised $95,000 in cash and goods for Tornado relief victims in Indiana
1977 Indianapolis Northwest Lions Club Special award for outstanding contributions towards improvement in lives of mentally retarded and other handicapped persons
1976 Indiana Association for Retarded Citizens Award for outstanding special services
1976 City County Special Resolution No. 17, 1976 Whereas, Bill Shirk has, through his feats of wonder, demonstrated a sincere interest and concern for the citizens of Indianapolis and Marion County by providing all proceeds to the Marion County Association for Retarded Citizens (signed by Mayor William Hudnut and City Council President Beurt Servaas)
1976 Variety Club of Indianapolis Outstanding CItizens Award for securing funds to benefit the handicapped
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